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La cuisine du pepino. L'épiderme, fin mais un rien coriace, de la poire-melon se retire très facilement. Vous pourrez alors la consommer comme le fruit qu'elle est: cru en fruit de bouche sa texture la rend très désaltérante ou bien en jus. Pepino of meloenpeer EVEN VOORSTELLEN Pepino, Solanum muricatum Aiton, behoort tot de Solanacea of nachtschadefamilie net zoals tomaat, aubergine, aardappel en paprika. Pepino vindt zijn oorsprong in het Andesgebergte en was al gekend door de Indianen. Die Pepino oder auch Melonenbirne Solanum muricatum, spanisch pepino dulce, pepino melón, pera melón, pepino de fruta, melón de árbol ist eine Pflanzenart aus der Familie der Nachtschattengewächse Solanaceae. Ihre ursprüngliche Heimat ist Südamerika. Pepino melon, a fruit touted as a super fruit and is native to Peru, it has lots of Vitamin A, C and K and also B Vitamins, protein, plus iron and copper, which are essential for a healthy immune system and calcium for bones, potassium which is needed for relaxing and lowering blood pressure and Pepino is a good diuretic too. De pepino Solanum muricatum is een plant uit de nachtschadefamilie Solanaceae. De vrucht wordt ook wel appelmeloen of meloenpeer genoemd. De plant is overblijvend, aan de basis verhout, slap, vaak liggend en wordt tot 1 m lang. De afwisselend geplaatste bladeren kunnen ongedeeld ovaal-lancetvormig zijn of uit drie tot zeven lobben bestaan.

Pepino sázíme do klasického zahradnického substrátu, do kterého přidáme hnojivo. Osvědčené je granulované hnojivo, které se postupně rozkládá po dobu 4–8 měsíců. Pokud se rozhodneme během vegetace přihnojovat tekutými hnojivy, vybíráme taková, která mají nižší obsah dusíku a. A medium sized 2-5" fruit with a mild taste, very similar to cantaloupe. The pepino has a thin, creamy colored, sometimes purple spotted skin much like a tomato. Popular in New Zealand, the pepino is becoming common in some United States markets. Pepino likes to be grown in moist soil, so do not let the soil dry out. The plants need as much sun and warmth as you can give them. The fruit is ripe when the yellow/gold ones develop purple streaks and begin to soften. After the fruit has formed, leave the best 1-2 fruit. The word "Pepino" is Spanish for cucumber and appears to be universal with slight variations of spelling or added epithets, such as "Pepino Dulce" or Sweet cucumber. Other names include tree melon and melon pear. This name "Pepino" is also used in parts of South America for the cassabanana. It is the fruit of a small evergreen shrub.

Melon Pear Solanum muricatum 'Pepino Gold' is an exotic plant from the Solanaceae family that produces purple-blue flowers followed by delicious, edible juicy fruits with a taste and smell like honeydew melons. La Poire-melon Solanum muricatum ‘Pepino Gold’ est une plante exotique qui produit des fleurs bleues suivies de délicieux fruits juteux dont la saveur rappelle le melon. Cette plante peut aussi être cultivée en panier suspendu. La Poire-melon Solanum muricatum ‘Pepino Gold. Cyclopedia of American horticulture, comprising suggestions for cultivation of horticultural plants, descriptions of the species of fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants sold in the United 14760615541.jpg 1,236 × 2,054; 364 KB. 23/02/2019 · The pepino melon isn't actually a melon at all but a sweet member of the nightshade family, which also includes tomatoes and eggplants. Pepino fruit recipes generally use it as a supporting player alongside more flavorful fruits, or even as a cucumber-like vegetable when it's unripe.

Pepino is a "recent" discovery from Peru and Chile where it is often prepared more as a vegetable rather than a fruit. The potential for improvement by breeding has been explored by HortResearch with a wide range of forms currently being under evaluation. Solanum muricatum var. teleutogenum Bitter It is known as pepino dulce "sweet cucumber" in English, in order to differentiate it from cucumber which is also called "pepino" in Spanish or simply pepino; the latter is also used for similar species such as " S. mucronatum " which actually seems to belong in the related genus Lycianthes. Il s'agit du délicieux PEPINO, que nos aïeux consommaient en automme, et qu'ils appelaient simplement POIRE-MELON, parce que – bien mûr – son goût évoque à la fois la poire "Williams" et le melon musqué. La part de Théophraste. Le PEPINO, alias Morelle de Wallis, appartient à.

The purple-lined outer skin ripens from a pale green to a golden yellow and can be eaten raw, similar to an apple, consuming both the skin and the orange to yellow inner flesh. The inner fruit is juicy and contains edible soft seeds. When served, an unripe pepino can be baked like a squash or when ripe, cut in half and served like a melon. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Pepino Melon. List of various diseases cured by Pepino Melon. How Pepino Melon is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Names of Pepino Melon in various languages of the world are also given.

Today pepino dulce is cultivated mostly in the mountains of Latin America, in New Zealand, East Africa, East Asia, Australia, in the Canary Islands and in the Mediterranean region. Few of the popular common names of the plant are tree melon, bush melon, melon pear, mellow fruit, pepino dulce, Pepino, Melon Pear, Melon Shrub and pear mellon.20/05/2017 · For the most optimal flavor, knowing when to pick pepino melons is of paramount importance. Pick the fruit too early and it lacks sweetness, harvest pepino fruit too late and it may be too soft or even beginning to rot on the vine. Learn more here.15/03/2009 · La Poire-Melon, ou le Melon-Poire, est une plante arbustive vigoureuse qui pousse en Amérique du Sud. Ramifiée et haute d'environ 1 mètre, elle porte des feuilles longues, étroites et allongées. Au début de l'été, s'épanouissent les jolies fleurs en forme d'étoile, blanches et.Les fruits peuvent atteindre un poids d' un kg, et contiennent des graines de la grosseur d'une tête d'épingle. Culture. Bien qu'étant une plante vivace, le pepino est souvent cultivé comme une plante annuelle. On procède souvent au haubanage des rameaux pour supporter le poids des fruits.

Pořiďte si Pepino gold a vypěstujte chutné a zdravé melounky. 4 FOTOGRAFIE zobrazit galerii. Exotická rostlina, pocházející pravděpodobně z oblasti Peru a Kolumbie, kde je známá jako cachuma kačuma, představuje spojení krásy a užitku. De Appelmeloen Solanum muricatum 'Pepino Gold' is een exotische plant met blauwe bloempjes met uiteindelijk heerlijke, sappige, naar honingmeloen smakende vruchten. De plant kan ook goed in een hanging basket geplant worden. Pepino is a yellow oval shaped fruit with purple brown stripes about as big as an apple. The flesh is yellow, juicy and soft. There are lots of small seeds in the centre of the fruit. Because of the sweet fresh taste the fruit is also called melon-pear. The skin and the seeds are not edible.

  1. Il Pepino gold Solanum muricatum è una pianta originaria della Colombia, del Perù e del Cile, piuttosto rustica, predilige climi temperati e viene coltivata all’aperto fruttificando anche in vasi. Poco conosciuto in Europa, viene consumato con grande frequenza nelle zone sub tropicali e nel continente asiatico.
  2. Mit „pepino goldthe better taste from Italy“ haben wir uns zum Ziel gesetzt, Obst von hochwertiger Qualität zum richtigen Reifezeitpunkt und mit Geschmack auf Ihren Tisch zu bringen und mit ständig neuen Produkten zu erweitern, welche von der Produktion bis zum Konsumenten hin überzeugen.
  3. Pepino - Kendall Gold MerilynWanneroo1's Edible Fruits Update: 3408 days 3hrs. Comments: - The Pepino grows well in a large black pot surrounded by a trellis to support the fruit.

Allow a pepino melon to ripen to the firmness of a plum, slice it in half with a knife and eat it with a spoon. The entire fruit, including skin and seeds, is edible, although tough skins are unpalatable. Preparing the fruit for consumption takes very little time. Select top quality fruit. Avoid an overly soft pepino. 05/10/2010 · Pepino Solanum muricatum produces green or purple melon-like fruit on a small 3-foot bush. The plant resembles its relative the tomato, but the fruit tastes more like a cantaloupe. The plant doesn't survive winter cold so is usually grown as an annual, but you can grow pepinos as perennials by planting them in.

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